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All Camps Monday-Thursday, 9 am – 12 pm

$220 per week

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All Camps Monday-Thursday, 9 am – 12 pm

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Sibling & Multi-Camp Discounts

Pay in Monthly Installments  

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June 17 - 20

Clayton Elementary

 Lean into the Squish! Transform squishies into works of architecture to build a brand-new dream school.  Explore the cutting edge of school design and find out how intentional architecture is promoting creativity and learning. We will design spaces that help us concentrate, have fun, relax and learn better through light, color and geometry. We’ll also make fidget toys and stress balls to explore the tactility of building materials up close.

The Floor is Lava

July 15 - 18

Patton Elementary

Extensive lava flows cover the surface of a newly colonized planet.  It’s our job to rethink how humans might thrive in an environment where flooding, air pollution and low water supply is common.  Join us as we design a portable habitat built for rapid colonization inspired by games, examples and ideas from space exploration, mythology and science fiction.