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Wicked Workshop seeks enthusiastic, creative, design-minded educators to join our team. This position requires a sincere love of teaching elementary children K-5th grade.  Our ideal candidate will flaunt a growth-mindset, majestically parade a can-do attitude and believe in the power of theatrical performance as a motivator for both creativity and classroom culture. 

We wholeheartedly encourage instructors from various backgrounds including parents with design backgrounds who are looking for something creative and worthwhile, former educators, aspiring educators, empty nesters, freelance designers, youth group and community leaders; those who want to help further the mission of design thinking and independent learning in elementary education.


Wicked Workshop teachers are responsible for leading hands-on, arts-based after school classes and will work with students to develop, encourage and illuminate their ideas. Our philosophy for self-directed learning positions the teacher as the mentor, not the maker. Our teachers inspire, invigorate, celebrate and document student’s work. 

Our program is entirely mobile and our teachers drive to schools to teach on different campuses in the Austin area. 

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