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Houses for Monks, Sinking Pyramids

& Airstream Campers

This semester we will explore the stacked houses of Tibet, optical illusions, trompe L’oeil & spatial discord in architecture, plan interiors for Airstream campers, build a bookshelf insert, explore systems thinking by transforming poetry into inhabitable space, learn about robotic architecture through biomimicry, explore Tiny Houses in Austin, build sections and “cut-through” models, play with 2D and 3D perspective and talk about the Wicked Problem of the moment: How Today’s “Staying Home” Will Change the Way Architects Design Houses.

Online Workshops Start March 30

How It Works:

  • Welcome to a safe place. Wicked Workshop Online is a safe, private and closed community monitored by Fifi.

  • A new Project will be posted every Monday along with supporting materials, downloads, etc. You’ll get a notification each time we add something…and we do plan to sneak in a few additional things each week; from demonstration videos to interesting information related to our project. There are no due dates. Feel free to work on projects at any pace convenient for your family.   

  • Materials? You can choose between a Scavenger Hunt at home or click here to order a Design Kit for $4.99/each (to cover shipping). Our first project will be a Scavenger Hunt for everyone. Weekly kits should be ordered by Wednesday the week before.

    • Working without a Design Kit: I will post an awesome Scavenger Hunt each week with the project video so that your kiddo can work with materials they discover and procure from the house, their closet, the recycle bin, the dog bowl, the yard. All of the projects this semester can be beautifully completed with paper, cardboard (save those Amazon boxes!) recycled plastic, parts and pieces, string, glue and tape.

    • Working with a Design Kit: Order by Wednesday the week before. Your Design Kit will include the usual suspects from Wicked Workshop's vast studio of resources PLUS a few extras to keep you on your toes and make you smile.  Each kit is unique to the weekly project and designed with project-specific materials to spark design ideas and push those imaginative boundaries.