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4 Locations

(Online if Face-to-Face is Cancelled):

Patton Elementary (South Austin) 

Headwaters School River Campus (Downtown)

Circle C Community Center (South Austin)

Clayton Elementary (South Austin)


$25 Deposit

Sibling & Multi-Camp Discounts  

Pay in 4 Monthly Installments

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               MYTHOLOGY               UPSIDE DOWN              THEATER OF

                  & MAGIC                       WORLD                 ILLUSION & LORE

           FLYING MACHINES               CASTLES                    GEOMETRY OF                 TOWER                   

           & CONTRAPTIONS             & CREATURES                  A CHICKEN                      UP!      

"My daughter absolutely loves Wicked Workshop and looks forward to each class. After each class, she can't wait to tell us about the project. As a parent, I am thrilled to see my daughter's excitement and the creativity that goes into each project. I am very happy with Wicked Workshop. Thanks!." - Parent Survey 2018

"I have never seen [my daughter] this excited about a class and she only had positive things to say about each project.” - Revathi, 4th Grade Parent, Clayton Elementary

"[My son] has loved Wicked Workshop more than any other activity he has tried..." - Rachel, 2nd Grade Parent, Clayton Elementary

The Quintessential “Kit of Parts” 


Our stand alone “Kit of Parts” projects  can be ordered any time for extra enrichment for only the shipping cost of $4.99 this semester. I’ll keep track of your order history so that you never receive a repeat – a surprise every time! Each kit is unique and inspired by architecture school design challenges where a student's design solution was limited to a certain collection of materials to solve the problem. The goal/design challenge is to force yourself to use ALL of the materials. Your Kit of Parts will include:

  • a Project Sheet with a theme prompt. For example, "Snow Monkey Habitat" or "Indoor Skate Park"

  • a real Wicked Problem to design around such as "Sea level is on the rise and we must design our project on stilts." or "Your client lives in a food desert where shopping for food is not easy. Your project must include a design for a vertical garden."

  • the [un]usual material suspects from Wicked Workshop's vast studio of resources

  • PLUS a few extras to keep you on your toes and make you smile

What is Wicked Workshop?

Wicked Workshop is a maker-based program that introduces kids to decision making strategies, complex problem solving and critical thinking opportunities that are recognized as vital 21st century skills necessary to succeed in work, life and citizenship. We do this through a project-based curriculum that introduces problem solving strategies through the materials and methods of construction and the process of idea making.

Online Mini Session Starts March 30:

Houses for Monks, Sinking Pyramids

& Airstream Campers

This semester we will explore the stacked houses of Tibet, optical illusions, trompe L’oeil & spatial discord in architecture, plan interiors for Airstream campers, build a bookshelf insert, explore systems thinking by transforming poetry into inhabitable space, learn about robotic architecture through biomimicry, explore Tiny Houses in Austin, build sections and “cut-through” models, play with 2D and 3D perspective and talk about the Wicked Problem of the moment: How Today’s “Staying Home” Will Change the Way Architects Design Houses.



A Wicked Problem:

has innumerable causes, 
is tough to describe, 
doesn't have 
one right answer

"My daughter loves the idea of creating / building something that is her own and is not overwhelmed by the process of building it . Being able to finish the display by her own gives her the confidence and makes it a fun learning class." - Parent Survey 2018